Margaret Wakeley

MARGARET WAKELEY has entertained audiences in Europe, New York and Los Angeles with honeyed vocals on a unique blend of pop standards and contemporary gems. Her newest CD,"Perfect Strangers," pairs songs that seem to offer incompatible sentiments, but meet to embrace the multi-faceted joys and agonies of love and life. Margaret's previous CD, "Quality Times," was released by Original Cast Records and earned wide critical praise. She also recorded two albums of her original songs. She currently works in commercial voice-overs, narration, and performs on stage in venues near her Central New York home.


Perfect Strangers CD

by Margaret Wakeley

Listening to the life-affirming CD "Perfect Strangers" is like spending an evening with a dear friend with a glass of wine, a fire, and a snowstorm outside. The songs, cleverly arranged in thematic pairs, convey an intimate portrait of a life reviewed, in all its joys and sorrows, funny moments and poignant discoveries, archetypal emotions and minutely observed quirks, love found and lost.  Available on Amazon, iTunes and CDBaby